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AIA National Webinar: Technology in Architectural Practice


The Business Model of Custom Tools
February 16, 2016, 2 pm EST.
1 LU
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This seminar will explore how AECO firms are developing custom-built tools to improve the design, construction and management of buildings. The expansion of bespoke technology solutions has created new business markets where offices can sell and support proprietary tools and processes to the broader design and construction industry. Examples drawn from practice will illustrate how the development of these tools has provided new business opportunities through innovation in architectural practice. 

Attendees will earn 1.00 AIA LU. 

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You can download a PDF of the presentation prior to the presentation and the Q&A following the webinar at when available. 
**Continuing Education is only offered during the live event. ** 

A link to a survey will be provided both at the end of the webinar and in a follow-up email sent one hour after the end of the webinar. The survey must be completed in order to receive credit. AIA members and IDP record holders will have their credit recorded within 10 business days of the webinar. 

We do not offer credit for free webinars to non AIA members. If you are not a member and are in need of continuing education, please check out our new online platform AIAU. 
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