About Us

AIA Maine is a state component of the American Institute of Architects.

Mission: AIA Maine supports architects and architecture through leadership, advocacy, fellowship, and design excellence.

Organizational Structure: AIA Maine is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Officers are nominated by our nominating committee and elected by the membership at our annual meeting. 

Strategic Priorities: In 2014 the Board of Directors agreed on the following strategic priorities:

  • Deepen relationship with current AIA Maine members

  • Demonstrate to the public, potential partners and clients the value of AIA Maine Architects

  • Strengthen AIA Maine’s legislative knowledge, voice and clout

  • Promote design excellence

History: The roots of AIA Maine date back to July 12, 1912 when it was originally organized as the Maine Society of Architects. Its objective was to unite in fellowship the Architects of Maine and to promote the artistic and practical efficiency of the profession. The first list of active members included John Calvin Stevens, W. R. Miller, Edward F. Fassett, George Burnham, R.J. Mayo, John Howard Stevens, E. Leander Higgins, Charles Russell Lombard, Austin W. Pease and Frederick A. Tompson. Frederick A. Tompson served as its first president, and the annual dues for active and associate members were $3.00. MSA became a component of The American Institute of Architects on December 10, 1934.