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Call for Volunteer Applicants 2019-­‐2020 Regional Associate Director (RAD)

Call for Applicants: The National Associates Committee and AIA New England are seeking candidates to serve as AIA New England’s Regional Associate Director (RAD).

The primary function of the RAD is to act as the representative of the Region’s AIA Associate members, to the National Associates Committee (NAC), during his/her 2-­‐year term on the AIA New England Board of Directors. The RAD represents associates members, by providing information and leadership to components. The RAD shall address local, regional and national issues and assist in shaping new policies.

Responsibilities and Expectations Include:

  • Attendance at, and participation in, the AIA New England Quarterly Board Meetings (these are held at the Boston Society of Architects headquarters, in Boston, MA) and at the AIANE Regional Conference and Awards, which is held in a different New England state each year.
    • Prepare a RAD Report for each Quarterly Meeting.
  • Attendance at, and participation in, Grassroots Leadership Conference (Washington, D.C. or other location as determined)
  • Attendance at, and participation in, all National Associates Committee Meetings (Locations Vary)
    • Annual in-­‐person meeting 2 -­‐3 days of travel funded by AIA National.
    • Monthly committee meetings TBD after the annual meeting.
    • Quarterly Full NAC conference call meetings.
    • Yearly RAD reports that are written and given to AIA National

Encouraged Participation Includes:

  • Attendance at, and participation in, the AIA National Conference (Location Varies)
  • Attendance at, and participation in the New England Regional Conference (Location Varies)
  • Participation in component Emerging Professional events, conference calls etc.
  • Collaboration with New England YARD (Young Architect Regional Director)

Term of Service:
This is a volunteer 2-­‐year appointment (January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020).

The selected applicant is expected to join the current RAD for the remainder of the term (through the end of 2018) giving the 2019-­‐2020 RAD time to come up to speed on all of the functions of the position and the current initiatives of the National Associates Committee and AIA New England. Please save the date for the last annual Board meeting on Friday, October 12, 2018 in Boston, MA.

Travel and Funding:
AIA New England provides a stipend to cover travel and expenses not covered by AIA associated with the RAD’s travel to and participation in: the AIA National Conference, Grassroots Legislative and Leadership Conference, and travel required by the NAC and/or the AIA New England Region.

Funding is limited to a budgeted stipend, provided by AIA New England. In some instances, AIA Staff may elect to provide additional funding, should extra travel be requested by an AIA national staff member.

To be eligible, the applicant must be an Associate member of the AIA in good standing and reside in New England. The individual must begin the appointment as an Associate member and is encouraged to be pursuing licensure during the term. Application Requirements: Applicants shall submit the following documents to Carolyn Isaak, at:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Current Resume or CV
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation Applications must be received on or before August 17, 2018.

Late submissions may result in disqualification.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please feel free to contact the current Regional Associate Director, Stephanie Herring Assoc. AIA,

More information on the National Associates Committee, AIA:

Jeannette Schram