Bruce Anderson, AIA / e4harchitecture

James Anderson, Assoc. AIA / John Morris Architects

Peter Anderson, AIA / SMRT

Rebecca Bagley, AIA / CWS Architects

Bradley Baker, Assoc. AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Tyler Barter, AIA / Oak Point Associates

James Beasley, AIA / Whitten Architects

Ellen Belknap, AIA / SMRT, Inc

R. Dean Bingham, AIA /

William Bisson, AIA / WJB Associates

Stephen Blatt, AIA / Stephen Blatt Architects

Christina Blodgett, Assoc. AIA / Dirigo Architectural Engineer, LLC

Paul Bonacci, AIA / ARQ Architects

Jocelyn Boothe, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Patrick Boothe, AIA / Caleb Johnson Architects & Builders

Richard Borrelli, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Jon Boyd, AIA / Morris Switzer Enviornments for Health

Stewart Brecher, AIA / Stewart Brecher Architects

Douglas Breer, AIA / Stephen Blatt Architects

James Broadbent, AIA / Kaplan Thompson Architects

Louise Brodman, AIA / Edgewater Architects

Parker Brown, Assoc. AIA /

Scott Brown, AIA / State Of Maine

Kevin Browne, AIA / Kevin Browne Architecture

Blas Bruno, Assoc. AIA / Bruno Architecture

Blaine Buck, AIA / Cordjia Capital Projects Group LLC

Mark Burnes, AIA / Foreside Architects, LLC

Bruce Butler, AIA / By Design

Caitlin Cameron, Assoc. AIA / City of Portland

Christopher Carroll, AIA / Harriman Associates

Evan Carroll, AIA / Bild Architecture

Jessica Carroll, AIA / Whitten Architects

Mark Carter, AIA / North Peak Architecture

Matthew Carter, AIA / Carter Architectural Design LLC

Rebecca Casey, AIA / SMRT

Daniel Cecil, AIA / Harriman Associates

Michael Charek, AIA / Michael Charek Architects

Eric Chase, AIA / Eric A. Chase Architecture

Malcolm Collins, AIA / Malcolm L. Collins AIA, Architect/Planner

Darren Commerford, AIA / Stephen Blatt Architects

Gianne Conard, FAIA / GSA

Patrick Costin, AIA / Canal 5 Studio

Brian Curley, AIA / PDT Architects

Richard Curtis, AIA / Richard Curtis & Associates

Kristen Damuth, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Martin Dassa, AIA / Martin B. Dassa Architects AIA

Rebecca Day-Dillon, AIA / Gawron Turgeon Architects

Robert De Santis, AIA /

Carol De Tine, AIA / Carriage House Studio architects LLC

Christopher Delano, AIA / Delano Architecture

Greg Detmer, AIA /

Melvin Dickerson, AIA / TDArchitect

Joseph DiDonato, AIA / DiDonato Architects

William Dobson, AIA / Whiskey Delta LLC

David Douglass, AIA / Building Envelope Specialists

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Jeannette Schram

Radcliffe Earle, AIA /

Daelynn Elizabeth, AIA / Inspiredesign Studio

Daniel Ellingson, AIA / Harriman Associates

Matthew Elliott, AIA / Elliott Elliott Architecture

John Ellis, Assoc. AIA / Harriman Associates

Kristi Emery, AIA / Merritt Associates

Gavin Engler, Assoc. AIA / Carol A. Wilson Architect

Robert Ervin, AIA / Ervin Architecture

Cuyler Feagles, AIA / Domus Architects

Joseph Feely, AIA / Colby College

Lance Fletcher, AIA / Boston Architectural College

Ann Fontaine-Fisher, AIA / PDT Architects

Stephen Fraser, AIA /

Gary Frost, AIA / G. L. Frost Architecture

Jeffrey Galvin, AIA / Lavallee Brensinger Architects

James Gauthier, AIA / Canal 5 Studio

Michel Giasson, AIA / Michel M. Giasson Architect PA

Carol Gillis, AIA / Harriman Associates

Tor Glendinning, AIA / 44 Degrees North

John Gordon, AIA / John Gordon, Architect

David Graham, AIA / Graham Architects

Thomas Green, FAIA / BTA Architects, Inc.

James Greenwell, AIA / James W. Greenwell, AIA PLLC

Peter Gross, AIA / Phi Architects

Christopher Grotton, AIA / Phi Architects

Jimena Guzman, Assoc. AIA /

Morris Hancock, AIA / Morris C. Hancock, AIA, Architect

William Hanley, AIA / WMH Architects

Janet Hansen, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

William Harke, AIA / Casco Bay Design Studio

David Hart, AIA / Fish Street Design

Timothy Hart, AIA /

Carla Haskell, AIA / Design Group Collaborative

Pamela Hawkes, FAIA / Scattergood Design

George Hayes, AIA /

David Hembre, AIA / David Hembre-Architect, Inc.

Joseph Hemes, AIA / HEMESphere DESIGN LLC

Harry Hepburn, AIA / Briburn

Adam Holmes, AIA / Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Gunnar Hubbard, FAIA / Thornton Tomasetti

Andrew Hyland, AIA / Port City Architecture

Jill Johanning, AIA / Alpha One/U.S. Access Board

Michael Johanning, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

David Johnson, AIA / skaala, llc

Jessica Johnson, AIA / Canal 5 Studio

Judy Johnson, AIA / Harriman Associates

Tyler Johnson, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Philip Kaminsky, AIA /

Ryan Kanteres, AIA / Scott Simons Architects

Philippe Kaplan, AIA / Kaplan Thompson Architects

Lyndon Keck, AIA / PDT Architects

Kristi Kenney, AIA / Vassel Architects

Robert Knight, AIA / Knight Archtitect LLC

Kristian Kowal, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Alan Kuniholm, AIA / PDT Architects

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Jeannette Schram

Guy Labrecque, AIA / CWS Architects

Scott Laflamme, Assoc. AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Rose Lane, AIA / Solano County

Thomas Lane, AIA / Whitten Architects

Jeffrey Larimer, AIA / Harriman Associates

Michael Lassel, AIA / Lassel Architects

George Lavigne, AIA / CWS Architects

David Lay, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Mark Lee, AIA / Harriman Associates

Gilles Letourneau, AIA / ARCOM. LLC

Paul Lewandowski, AIA / SMRT, Inc

Timothy Lock, AIA / GO Logic, LLC

Jeffrey Luy, AIA /

David Mains, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Carl Malm, AIA /

David Matero, AIA / David Matero Architecture

Laurie McEachern, AIA / L2M Architects

Susan Mendleson, AIA / Knickerbocker Group

Dominic Mercadante, AIA / Dominic P. Mercadante, AIA

David Merritt, AIA / Merritt Associates

Heli Mesiniemi, AIA / WMH Architects

Daniel Miller, AIA / TAC Architectural Group, Inc.

Kevin Moquin, AIA / Kevin Moquin Architect, LLC

Dennis Morelli, AIA / Maine Medical Center

Daniel Moreno, AIA / DCMAStudio

Dennis Morin, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Kevin Morin, AIA / Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture

Kevin Morissette, AIA / CWS Architects

David Morris, AIA / Caleb Johnson Architects and Builders

John Morris, AIA / John Morris Architects

Joshua Morris, Assoc. AIA / John Morris Architects

Carol Morrissette, AIA / Residential Design Studio

Mark Mueller, AIA / Mark Mueller Architects

Andrew Munsey, AIA / Knickerbocker Group

Rick Nelson, AIA / Knickerbocker Group

Anna Newbert, Assoc. AIA / Stoneboat Architectural Design PC

Steven Normand, AIA / Normand Associate Architects

Michael O'Brien, AIA / Harriman

Matt O'Malia, AIA / GO Logic, LLC

Michel Ouellet, Assoc. AIA / Ouellet Construction

Mark Ouellette, AIA / Harriman Associates

Stephen Pedersen, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Michael Pednault, AIA / M. Ray Designs

James Pelsor, AIA / James Pelsor Architect LLC

Dana Peterson, AIA /

Craig Piper, AIA / SMRT, Inc

Matthew Pitzer, AIA / PDT Architects

Thomas Platz, AIA / Platz Associates

William Pogar, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Stephen Pondelis, AIA / Attardo Pondelis Architecture

Christina Porter, AIA / Harriman Associates

John Priestley, AIA / Priestley + Associates Architecture

Matthew Provencal, Assoc. AIA / Mark Mueller Architects

R. Michael Pullen, AIA / Ames Associates, LLC

Matthew Ranger, Assoc. AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Richard Renner, AIA / Richard Renner Architects

Ronald Rioux, AIA / Stephen Blatt Architects

Charles Rizza, AIA / E4H Architecture

James Robbins, AIA / Robbins Architecture and Design, llc

Frank Roberts, AIA / Frank Roberts Architect

Nicole Rogers, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

J. Augusto Rosa, Intl. Assoc. AIA / A4 Architects

Lauren Rosenberg, AIA /

James Ross, Assoc. AIA /

Anthony Roy, Assoc. AIA / Harriman Associates

Steve Ruszkai, AIA / 

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Jeannette Schram

Rebecca Sargent, Assoc. AIA / Scott + Partners, Inc.

Lisa Sawin, AIA / Harriman Associates

Brian Scheuzger, AIA / Houses & Cottages

Lucinda Schlaffer, AIA / ARQ Architects

John Scholz, AIA / Scholz & Barclay Architecture

Ryan Scipione, AIA / MJM+A architects

Mike Sealander, AIA / Sealander Studio

Robyn Sealander, AIA / Sealander Studio

Herbert Semple, AIA / Amec Foster Wheeler

Lita Semrau, AIA / Port City Architecture

Ryan Senatore, AIA / Ryan Senatore Architecture

Robert Sherman, AIA / University of Maine at Augusta, Architectural Studies Program

Scott Simons, FAIA / Scott Simons Architects

Austin Smith, AIA / Scott Simons Architects

Stephen Smith, AIA / Stephen Gorman Smith Architect

Bruce Stahnke, AIA / Stahnke + Kitagawa Architects

Eric Stark, AIA / University of Maine at Augusta

Michael Steitzer, AIA / MSA Architects

James Sterling, AIA / James Sterling, Architect

Paul Stevens, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Kathleen Stevens-Rosa, AIA / A4 Architects

Benjamin Stoodley, Assoc. AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Julia Tate, AIA / Scott Simons Architects

T. Teas, AIA / Scattergood Design

George Terrien, AIA /

Arthur Thompson, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

James Thompson, AIA / Kaplan Thompson Architects

Robert Tillotson, AIA / Oak Point Associates

William Toth, AIA /

Chantel Tourigny, AIA / Oak Point Associates

Jon Towle, Assoc. AIA / L2M Architects

John Turk, AIA / Barba + Wheelock Architects

Andrew Tyner, AIA / SMRT, Inc.

Russell Tyson, AIA / Whitten Architects

William Van Benthuysen, AIA / Oak Point Associates

Derek Veilleux, AIA / S M R T Inc

Graham Vickers, AIA / SMRT

Benedict Walter, AIA / CWS Architects

Mathew Ward, AIA / WBRC Architects Engineers

Elizabeth Wastler Bruno, AIA / Bruno Architecture

David Webster, AIA / PDT Architects

Hubert White, AIA /

Rob Whitten, AIA / Whitten Architects

Pamela Wichroski, AIA / Bates College

Peter Wiles, AIA / Peter Wiles Architects

Ronald Williams, AIA / Wright-Pierce

Carol A. Wilson, FAIA / Carol A. Wilson Architect

William Winkelman, AIA / Winkelman Architecture

Kathryn Wise, AIA / L.L.Bean

Eric Wittman, AIA / Bild Architecture

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Jeannette Schram